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 Latest version + Changelog

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PostSubject: Latest version + Changelog   6/28/2012, 3:00 am

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Change log:

>>>>> Heroes <<<<<

-Remade her Subability [Chilling Snake].
-Remade Eza'nal's ultimate[Cold Desolate].

-Improved his ultimate's impact size to 150 AoE, also the birds size, and increased its speed to 1000.
-Increased his Orb-able damage [25==>40].
-Increased the affection area of his subability [175==>225].
-Casting the Ultimate no longer deals instant damage, just the birds-hit damage.
-New Effect for his subability.

-Reworked the mechanism of launching his Ultimate.

-Changed Kenzar's orbable missle's splashing angle.
-His Ultimate now will apply 1 second stun to all units inside the ring upon cast.

-Improved his casting animation (cast backswing and point).
-Improved his ultimate's damage from 50-130 to 80-120.

-Remade her Ultimate [Wind Evasion].
-Remade her Sub-ability [Hauling].
-Increased the AoE of her orbable from 50 to 70
-Increased her size a bit.

-Remade his ultimate mechanism and renamed it to [Arcane Rain].
-Reduced the damage of Arcane Rain to 20-60.
-Remade his Sub-ability [Mystical Sphere].

-Her Orb-able will no longer scatter after hitting map edge OR self-destroying.
-Her Sub-ability no longer deals damage.
-Rescaled her Sub-ability moving distance from a constant 900 to [800/1000/1200/1400/1600].
-Renamed her ultimate into Shadowy Orbs, and reduced its missile count to 14, and its hit radius to 85.

-Redesigned her Sub-ability to Crescent Beam.
-Increased Crescent Beam's cooldown to 9 seconds.
-Renamed her Ultimate to [Blades Whirlwind].

-Increased his orbable damage to 43.
-Remade his Sub-ability [Thunder Strike].

>>>New Chaos-Themed Hero [Morpheteus].

>>>>> Items <<<<<

-Increased Ward's HP to 100, and it only takes damage from missiles.
-Increased Ward's gold cost to 25.
-Reduced Ward's duration to 45 second.
-Reduced Magic Wand's heal to 20 hp/sec.
-Increased Blink Sphere's cooldown to10 seconds.
-Removed the Absorption Staff from the game.
-Removed the Magical Shield.
-Remade Potion of Invulnerability ==> [Potion of Shifting](also changed its command to [-a shf xxx]).
-Added auto-casting item command for Magic Wand [-a mgk xxx].
-All Supportive items no longer have charges.

>>>>> GamePlay <<<<<

-New Mode [Castle Siege].
-Disabled CTF mode.
-Applied the winter theme.
-Lowered the speed of most orbable missile to 1500.
-All Shields ([A] spell) now have special model for each hero.
-Changed Energy Burst's damage type [Pure ==> Magic].
-Energy Burst's damage cap decreased from 60+(10* hero's lvl) to 30+(5* hero's lvl)
-Remade The Experience Gaining system [now it is based on spells hitting, not units killing].
-Removed the following items: 'Reveal' , 'Healing Salve' , 'Dust of Invisibility' and 'Refreshing Light' .
-Disabled the SpellBook shop.
-All heroes ultimate's cooldown increased [25==>40 seconds].
-Reworked the terrain in Death Match - Teams field.
-New path on FFA arena at the right near the map edge.
-Reworked Runes system making them only HEAL and MANA runes.
-Decreased MagicBall cooldown to 1 seconds.
-Increased buff duration of the Dark Orb [2==>6].
-Increased slow duration of the Cold Orb [1/2/3==>3/4/5].
-Increased Poison Orb damage [5/10/15==>10/20/30].
-New Model for MagicBall.
-Removed the Magical shield (the mana points-damage reduction) and applied mana for item usage.
-Added the mysterious Obelisks again to the map field that shows the color of the owning team/player.
-Adjusted the cooldown indicator model for the abilities, making it clearer for long time cooldowns.
-Removed gem and gold's extra from the game.

>>>>> BugsFix <<<<<
-Fixed the spawning bug in DTM mode.
-Fixed a bug with Storm's ultimate from not triggering while using QWER hotkeys.

Version 1.9b downloads and changelog[b:
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Latest version + Changelog
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