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 AimWars General Overview

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PostSubject: AimWars General Overview   6/27/2012, 11:10 am

[+] First of all, the map is a hero arena map, there are currently only heroes, no neutral camps or anything (for now), just a map with trees, columns and some cliffs.

[+] The heroes dont have normal attacks (auto attacking), each hero have 7 spells:
- An orb-able missile: Launching a unique missile(s).
- A secondary missile: Launching a magic ball, which is team-colored, and all heroes have the same spell.
- A sub-ability: Another unique ability to help in killing enemy heroes.
- An Ultimate: Very powerful spell, instant cast, and great damage nuke (which is random between 2 values).
- A shield: That gives the hero massive armor, and destroy incoming missiles, for a duration.
- A haste ability: That moves the hero quickly toward the targeted point, good at evading projectiles.
- An Energy Burst: A new ability introduced in 1.8, that uses energy points collected from spells casted nearby the hero, to deal a massive damage and stun one target.

(-) The Orb-able missile, The shield, and the sub-ability is auto-upgraded every 3 levels the hero gained.

[+] There are 3 types of shops:
- Supportive shop: which sells supportive items (heal, invulnerable, etc) using golds.
- SpellBook shop: which sells some spells-related stuffs (you better play it to find out Wink)
- Orbs Shop: which is upgrades to "The Orb-able Missile", adding orb effects to the Missile, making it more powerful, but the orbs cost Gems (lumbers, but gray Razz).

[+] You gain golds periodly (every 30 seconds, 30 golds), and u gain golds from killing enemy heroes or killing extras golds (that spawns in a specific place in the map).

You gain gems from killing enemy heroes (you gain your hero level + that dead hero level as gems), or extras gems, or buying gems with golds from The Supportive Shop.

[+] There are currently 4 game modes, here is a quick view about each:
1- Collect the Flags: from the name, each team have to deliver the other team's flags from their base to the delivering team's base to win the game.
2- DeathMatch: The most popular mode, contains 2 sub-modes, Teams and Free For All (FFA).
3- Destroy the Magic: New game mode was introduced in 1.8, Creating 2 Magic generators on each side, each team have to destroy the other team's generator, the generator takes damage only from the MagicBall spell, each team have to capture a circle of power atleast to gain damage to be able to damage the generator, every circle of power (CoP) captured gives 50 damage to your MagicBall, and this damage is ONLY for generators, you better try it to understand it Wink.
4- FreeArena: FFA hero arena fight Very Happy
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AimWars General Overview
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